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I am experienced full stack software engineer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am skilled in different software stacks, software design and systems integrations, as well as making developer experience better. I like finding well suited solutions to problems, using my broad range of experience and knowledge, which I always keep up to date.

You can hire me for development or consulting.

RMS - monitoring system

Monitoring system consisting of multiple reactive Go microservices communicating through Kafka, deployed with GitOps approach to custom Kubernetes cluster.

Tech stack:

Year: 2021

Akademika Webinbox 2

SAP web framework based on OpenUI5 JavaScript framework, used for ERP processes and documents, either as standalone or Fiori application. Interface is generated dynamically, based on layouts and rules sent from backend.

Tech stack:

Year: 2018

IDM - Incoming Document Management

Solution that enables easy configurable and dynamic integration between different systems used in large companies. Mostly used for fetching invoices from 3rd party invoice interexchanges or email servers into ERP and ECM systems.

Tech stack:

Year: 2017